Discord acquires Gas, the flip phone takeover, workplace confusion and Miley's big new hit are the topics that matter to us on Gen Z this week at dcdx.
2022's most powerful Gen Z insights, voted by our community
New data on Gen Z provides an unseen lens into Instagram's future.
What social media's new fleeting king unveils about true consumer (and founder) behaviors
Ad-avoidance tactics, the rise of UGC and the evolution of trust in advertising, all in our our Ads to Z research. Part 1 of a deep dive into the state…
With 10M DAU and plans for 100M, will BeReal's attempt at monetization be its demise?
Clones, the Gen Z Paradox of Trust, the misunderstanding of self-expression, and movement towards a (Be)realer future.
Part One: Relevance score, proof of attendance, and feelings of isolation or comfort?
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